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Are you tired of the look of your Northeast Ohio kitchen? Do you think it's become dated and drab. Or have you recently moved into a new home and the kitchen decor is not your personal taste. If for these or any other reasons, you are considering a renovation of your kitchen, we suggest that before you undertake the inconvenience, hassles, and expense of a total redo, you consider professionally refinishing the existing cabinets. Refinishing cabinetry that is already in place is an easier, faster, cleaner and much more economical approach to a kitchen refresh and you will be amazed at the impact it will make on the overall look of the room.

At Sandrock Painting, Inc., we know how important a beautiful kitchen is in a home. It is the center of the home and the place where families spend most of their quality time. Our team of craftsmen understand this and they will take their responsibility very seriously, to provide you with excellent workmanship done in a very timely and meticulous manner. With very little downtime, your kitchen will be up and running , often within 5 days, and your cabinets will look beautiful and new. We are confident that you will love your kitchen.

At Sandrock Painting, Inc., we refinish bathroom cabinetry as well. Oftentimes, a bathroom needs a refresh from its dated style or constant wear and tear. Instead of completely renovating a bathroom, we can revitalize it by simply refinishing the cabinets, using an attractive new paint color or stain finish, making your bathroom look beautiful and new once again.

You will love the results

Why replace your cabinets when you can refinish them? It's the fastest most economical upgrade you can do to add to the beauty and value of your home. You can trust the skill and craftsmanship of our team and we will work closely with you to help realize your vision and esthetic. We guarantee you will be thrilled with the results.

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