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How to Make Your Small Home Look Spacious

March 29, 2023

Houses come in different shapes and sizes. It does not matter how big it is as long as you’re comfortable with it. Each room varies according to the style of your home. Some areas will be smaller than others. You may have also purchased a small house because you’re the only one staying there. Whatever type of home you have, it should not look crowded. You should have a spacious property to cater to all your needs. Leave a walking space to move around. Here are some ways to make your tiny home look spacious.


How to Make Your Small Home Look Spacious 


  • Rearrange the furniture – The arrangement of the furniture affects the walking space you have. Make sure to place them in a way there is no wasted space for the bed or sofa. The center of the room should be open to make it look spacious. Experiment with different positions and assess which one works best for your home. 
  • Wall-mounted furniture – One way to make a space bigger is to opt for something wall-mounted pieces like the TV rather than placing it on the table. Consider using wall shelves but do not overdo it. 
  • Bright colors – This is a great trick if you want your space to look bigger. Using bright shades makes the light reflect even better. Use the same tone on the floor and ceiling to create an illusion of having a wide room. 
  • All about the texture – A lot of homeowners are not aware of this but uneven wall texture makes the room somewhat smaller than it should be. The texture provides additional definition to the space of the room and is not able to reflect the light compared to a surfaced wall. Always aim for a smooth texture. If you are not comfortable with a glossy paint finish, a satin one will look good without making the result too shiny. 


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