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5 Tips and Tricks to Paint Like Pros

November 29, 2022

Almost any DIYer can paint a room themselves. However, professional-looking results require planning and preparation. Spending a little more time on it is worth it. 

Use these 5 step guides to make the process faster and less messy — and ensure a fresh, modern look for your home.

  • Remove All the Wall Hangings and Plates

You should remove anything from the wall that shouldn't be painted before painting the area. Take off thermostat covers, light switch plates, nails, screws, and everything else that stands in your way.

  • Prepare the Surface of the Wall Properly 

As soon as you've cleared everything out of the way, it's time to prepare the entire room for painting. It's time to fill in the holes once you've enlarged them. 

  • Sand All Surfaces To Be Painted 

Creating a smooth, beautiful finish on your walls requires sanding. This is why we suggest a round sander with an extension arm that can quickly sand the entire wall.

  • Apply Paint to the Edges and Corners, then Roll and Repeat 

In order to paint quickly, you should start with the edges and corners. Coloring inside the lines is a good practice before coloring the entire picture. When you paint the first coat, you should use a roller to evenly cover the entire wall, going two roller widths wide but not going further.

It's best to get a thicker first coat if you aren't using a primer to decrease the number of coats you have to apply later.

  • Fix Imperfections and Apply A Second Coat 

You may have to sand your work, then go in and apply a second coat, making sure you cover everything.

Learn how to paint like a pro so you can complete your upcoming painting projects faster!


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