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Exterior Home Colors That Will Inspire You

October 27, 2022

Although you spend most of your time indoors, it is the exterior that actually makes the first impressions. After all, a home’s exterior today is considered an extension of your home’s living space. 

Earthy Tones

Colors like desert-inspired shades, creamy whites, and warm beige, are all timeless choices that can work with various home styles. Whether you are looking to match your lush green cacti with a bright tan to give a desert oasis vibe, or you are going for a farmhouse feel with warm white paint, earthy tones’ understated hues can be played around with so your exterior can still have character without being an eye-sore.


Using color for your exterior may be a difficult choice - and even a terrifying one - but the broad palette of greens can also blend well with many surroundings and home styles. From leafy greens for spring to subtle gray-green and olive, greens can accentuate your home's exterior. Pine greens work well with Victorian-era-style homes, and lime green brings out the character of art deco houses.

All Black

If you are going for dramatic but still neutral, an all-black exterior can make your home more interesting. Why an all-black exterior could work very well, is because it can add character to lackluster architecture or accentuate existing details.

But beware that there are many considerations you should make first, like the heat being absorbed by black paint (good for winter, terrible for summer) and the shades you choose (yes, even blacks have different hues like an inky blue or a reddish warm black).


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