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Fresh Coats of Paint Help Sell Houses

March 24, 2022

Everyone who puts a house on the market wants to get top dollar for it, and why not? Many factors are taken into consideration when a homeowner and/or his real estate agent decides how much to ask for it. When setting a price, a house whose exterior paint obviously needs attention is a major consideration. 

If you're in that position, consider Sandrock Painting Inc. We're friendly, eager to serve, committed and highly concerned with your satisfaction. Michael Ott has many years of experience in the field. His priorities are attention to detail and meticulousness, while his expertise is impeccable.

Anyone actively or considering selling their house must know this: 

A house's freshly painted exterior will immediately increase its curb appeal.  

A home in need of a paint job puts it at a competitive disadvantage because its less-than-ideal condition is so obvious to prospective buyers. A home's interior could be stellar, but if the outside paint looks bad, prospective buyers will probably not even both walking in the front door. 

Your poorly presented paint will likely force you to drop your selling price, probably by thousands. The paint's condition easily and surely becomes a negotiating point in a home's price if there are crucial aspects of the home-say, an costly electrical or plumbing system upgraded-that needs attention first.

Your lowered price will displease your surrounding homeowners because it will make your neighborhood seem less desirable and therefore knock down their asking price if/when they want to sell. 

We at Sandrock Painting Inc. are in a class of our own in customer satisfaction. Give us a call today to see why you'll want to be among our many satisfied customers: 440-522-5822. We look forward to hearing from you!


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